About CWEG


The mission of the Collaborative Workshop for European Gerontologists (CWEG) is to continuously strive for excellence in higher education in gerontology, applicable in diverse demographic, geographic, political and cultural contexts in Europe benefiting educators, students, older adults and other stakeholders.

• To be a recognized and leading European alliance / workgroup in gerontology and higher education by professional organizations and political governments/systems
• Inclusive of teachers, students, older adults and other stakeholders
• To mutually share experiences with respect for local contexts, cultures and values

• Continuous sharing of ideas, best practices, (applied) research
• Giving gerontology a chance to identify itself as its own professions/roles of gerontologists
• Helping to grow the field of gerontology
• Leading curriculum development (Preparing curriculum that will produce graduates who are equipped to work with and for older adults)
• Providing a network and platform for like-minded professionals in gerontology to get stimulation/inspiration/encouragement
• Membership recruitment
• Collaboration with allied organizations like AGHE

For more information on CWEG, please visit cweg.eu .